At the Grange Dental Centre, we believe it is vital to help your children to care for their teeth from an early age. This gives their teeth and gums the best possible start, and helps your kids to be aware of the importance of their dental care.

We offer routine examinations to children from as early as the age of six months. We also have special oral health sessions for kids, which are run by our oral health care nurse and teach children about caring properly for their teeth and following a healthy diet. For information on healthy eating go to


Many children need to have orthodontic (tooth straightening) treatment, and we keep a close eye on the way our younger patients’ teeth are developing so we can intervene at an early stage. This can often avoid the need for extractions.

Dentists at the Grange Dental Centre are able to coat childrens’ teeth and provide fissure sealants. Fissure sealents are a very thin coating which is painted onto back teeth, helping to prevent decay. To book an appointment or for more information, visit the practice or contact us.

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