Dentures replace missing teeth and the associated gum tissue. They are custom-made to look natural and stable in your mouth but you can remove your dentures easily at any time. Our dentures are made to the highest quality and casting to match your own natural teeth. They improve your appearance, make it easier to chew food and help you to speak more clearly.

How are dentures made?

Each denture is individually designed to achieve the best results. Impressions of your existing teeth, and a number of other measurements, are taken to ensure that your dentures stay in place and fit comfortably.

These impressions and measurements are sent to a specialist dental technician, who then arranges the artificial teeth to bite correctly against the opposing teeth.

You will be shown the set-up of the teeth before they’re finished to give you an opportunity to check their colour, shape and size. We recommend that you ask a partner or family member for their opinion on your new look.

If your front teeth are missing, we advise you to have a spare denture made. This helps to avoid discomfort and embarrassment if your denture is lost or damaged.

You can choose between all acrylic (plastic) or a mixed metal and acrylic denture.

Valplast dentures

These are flexible removable partial dentures made from a nylon based material that does not sacrifice function yet improves aesthetics. For more information visit

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